For as long as I can recall, I've had a postcard collection. When I was a kid, I used to pester everybody I knew to send me a card when they went out of town. I discovered Postcrossing in March 2011 and started on a different postcard journey of my own. I wrote about me and postcards and Postcrossing at postcrossing & bookcrossing ~ liberal sprinkles

Postcard Love is where I share the cards I receive via Postcrossing. I may occasionally post about the cards I send, my own postcard collection or cards I find elsewhere.

My main blog is liberal sprinkles. That's an eclectic place where I share stuff that catches my eye, things I find inspirational and interesting. I write about art, artists, photographers, crafts and stuff I make. I am very curious by nature and  facts appeal to me, so I also research and write posts on facts about recent news events that I hope are a useful resource for others. I have several popular posts at liberal sprinkles on the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami and the 2011 Queensland floods. You can find them here.

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