Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grigg Nanjing Friendship Chinese Garden

Grigg Nanjing Friendship Chinese Garden at Missouri Botanical Garden

I was delighted to receive this postcard from my blog buddy Lynn. It's a view of the Grigg Nanjing Friendship Chinese Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St Louis. The Chinese Garden is modeled on the “scholar’s gardens” of the southern Chinese provinces near the city of Nanjing. It commemorates the exchanges between the Botanical Garden and Chinese botanical institutions, as well as the relationship between St Louis and its sister city Nanjing.

The Chinese Garden is said to be a showcase of craftsmanship. Among its special features are a pavilion built in traditional colors, a handcarved white marble bridge and marble balustrade. Among the plants are pines, bamboos, lotuses, willows, plum trees, forsythia, hibiscus, wisteria, rhododendrons and azaleas.

USPS stamps: adopt a shelter pet, Hawaiian rainforest

I think Lynn overstamped the card... lucky me :) The stamps on the left are two of the 10 from the USPS Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet issue, which was the postal service's social awareness stamp campaign of 2010. The stamp on the right is from the Hawaiian Rain Forest pane, a print of an acrylic painting by John Dawson. There are 10 stamps of flora and fauna in the pane. Very cool.

by liberal sprinkles