Monday, May 2, 2011

Texas map postcard, handmade swap card

I received this great map postcard last week from a postcard swap. I blogged about it at my main blog in this post.

Texas, Lone Star State map postcard

I got another postcard in that package, which was the actual swap postcard, made for the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap. Here it is:

this is the postcard I received from Great Big Stitched Postcard swap

The theme of the swap was love. I sent my handmade swap postcard to my partner in North Carolina in March. You can see it in this post. The nice lady who sent me the cards above put everything in a cool envelope that I will treasure and keep for sure. Look at all the fantastic stamps! I had actually been eyeing several of those stamps after seeing them in the USA Philatelic magazine that a blog friend sent me. Lucky me!

by liberal sprinkles

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Lynn said...

Very cool cards! And look at all those stamps! Woot Woot!