Sunday, May 8, 2011

postcards of Minnesota, lady slipper, Eckankar

I received these two cards on the same day from my blog buddy Lynn. Thanks!

Minnesota postcard

postcard of Eckankar Temple

I've never been to Minnesota, in fact I've never seen the US Mid-West. I imagine lots of nature, wildlife and manufacturing (cars?) when I think of the Midwest. I don't know if that's a right picture of what the region is like, but the top postcard does show off some wonderful nature spots. I like how the middle photo is cropped in the shape of the state. I think the flowers at the bottom of that frame are lady slippers, which is the Minnesota state flower (I found this at the site - nice information there!). The lady slipper (cypripedioideae) is a type of orchid. Here's a close-up photo of one.

lady slipper (from Wikipedia, public domain)

This little photo is on the back of the postcard. I'm not sure what animal it is...

back of Minnesota postcard

Minnesota is the headquarters of the Eckankar religious movement, which was founded in the US in 1965. The second postcard is a photo of the Eckankar Temple.

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