Monday, May 2, 2011

Missouri map postcard

I got two map postcards in the mail last week via swaps. The first was a a map card of Texas; this is the second. It came from my blog friend Lynn from Missouri.

map postcard of Missouri

Do you recognize any of the pictures on the map? I flunked the test pretty badly! You can read about the card and the other postal goodies Lynn sent me in my post at my main blog liberal sprinkles. The post went up there and not here because I went on to talk about my blogging experience. I'd be happy if you visited me there too. Have a great week!

by liberal sprinkles


Lynn said...

Nice postcard - he he he. Wow and what a write up you did on your other blog! I feel so special!

liberal sprinkles said...

heheh I do like the card too, thanks :)
that was subdued wasn't it?? LOL