Monday, May 23, 2011

Boys playing on the beach (Albert Edelfelt)

I received this card last week from Saija in Finland. Thank you!

postcard of Boys playing on the beach by Albert Edelfelt, Postcrossing FI-1082078

The postcard is of an 1884 painting by 19th century Finnish artist Albert Edelfelt called LeikkiviƤ poikia rannalla (Boys Playing on the Beach). It's so realistic, looks nearly like a photo, doesn't it? Edelfelt is one of the first Finnish artists to achieve international fame, he lived in Paris for some time. About half his paintings are portraits.

Here's a link to some of Albert Edelfelt's paintings (at Google Images). Posters of his paintings are for sale at I like these

A boy crouching on a rock
by Albert Edelfelt
A woman and child in a sunlit interior
by Albert Edelfelt

Finnish aurora borealis stamp

I like this stamp of the aurora borealis (one of the natural wonders of the world I hope to one day see); it even has coordinates on it! Aurora borealis (northern lights) was named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas, by French astronomer/philosopher/mathematician/scientist Pierre Gassendi in 1621.

Useful resources
Google translate
northern lights info at fairbanks site

by liberal sprinkles

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