Thursday, April 28, 2011

Russian seafood dishes and Kremlin stamps

My first postcard from Russia! Thanks, Gulnara :)

postcard of seafood dishes, RU-378050

I love shellfish and like fish more than I did when I was younger (when I pretty much disliked it!). I also adore seafood stew. The one in the postcard reminds me of cioppino and bouillabaise, which I'm more familiar with than Russian seafood soups. In fact, I haven't had the chance to try many Russian dishes apart from some home cooking (I once visited the country, thoroughly enjoyed it though it's tough not knowing the language!), blinis and cheap caviar (probably just regular fish roe!).

I looked up Russian fish soup and found ukha. It is a warm fish broth with some veggies.

Russian stamps of Kremlin. RU-378050

I love Russian stamps, I've seen some gorgeous ones at the Postcrossing website. My first ones didn't disappoint! The top two on the right are of the Kremlin in Moscow, the one of the left reads "Russian Kremlin" but I think it's also the one in Moscow, just a different view. The Kremlin is actually an old fortress with lots of buildings, palaces and churches. It is also the official residence of the President and a Unesco World Heritage site.

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Lynn said...

I think I like the stamps more than the card! Both are very nice though.

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