Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lapland and Porvoo

Postcard from Porvoo, Finland. 3rd of four that arrived on the same day this week.
Thanks, Juho

campfire at Finnish Lapand, Postcrossing FI-1061662
You know, I love nature but I'm a total wimp when it comes to camping and being in the forests and the wilderness at night. I'm a city girl!

This is a photo of the Finnish Lapland, the largest and northmost region of Finland. I've sent a card to Lapland as well, and sent and received several to Finland (out of about 15). There must be a lot of Finnish Postcrossing members! If anyone from Finland is reading, I'd love a postcard of the northern lights!! Apparently you can see this in the Lapland. Look at some of the photos of Lapland and the northern lights from Google Images. It's amazing, one of the wonders of the world I hope to see one day.

The photo - Ilta Joella, a night at the river - is the work of photographer Jouni Törmänen (Taatsi Images), who specializes in nature, landscape, citylife and people. My card (dated April 3, 2011) was sent from porvoo by grandfather Juho, who says the lake is frozen this time of year.

I thought I'd look up Porvoo. It's a town in southern Finland, about 50 km (30 miles) from the capital Helsinki. It dates from the early 14th century and is one of only six mediaeval towns in Finland. It's old town has predominantly wooden houses (see some photos of Porvoo old town from Google), it reminds me of Swedish houses, not surprising since Finland used to be part of Sweden.

These  wooden storage buildings on the riverside are a proposed Unesco World Heritage site.

Porvoo riverside wooden houses, photo [ Wikipedia Commons ]

stamp of Finnish flag, Postcrossing FI-1061662
It's a stamp of  the Finnish flag. Look, it was not stamped!

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Lynn said...

That picture on that postcard is so cool. I used to camp when I was younger, but not into it too much as I get older.