Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bielefeld, Germany

Postcard from Brigitte in Bielefeld. Thanks!

Doris Haeussler Zusammenhänge, Postcrossing DE-873825
My first art postcard from Postcrossing. A lovely card of a painting called Zusammenhänge (Correlations) by Doris Häussler, an artist from Bielefeld in northwest Germany. Unfortunately I couldn't find much information about the artist in English but she has a German website Doris Häussler. You can see her artworks there, some of the portraits are a bit  Picasso-ish in color but without the Cubist distortions. Apologies for the amateur descriptions, I know nothing about art but there's lots of art I love ;)

German flower (tagetes) and Leuchtturm Falshöft stamp, Postcrossing DE-873825

The flower is a tagetes or marigold. The stamp of the Falshöft lighthouse was issued June 10, 2010. The lighthouse is in Pommerby, a resort on the Baltic Sea. Today, the lighthouse is used as a wedding location, how cool! Take a look at the Leuchtturm Falshöft website. There are wedding photos too! Looks like a museum is in the works.

Here's a photo of the lighthouse.

Leuchtturm Falshöft photo from Wikipedia

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What a beautiful card!

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