Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seattle, USA

A postcard from Seattle came in the post two days ago.

postcard of Pike Place Market, Seattle. Postcrossing US-1038326

very nice stamps!
Thanks, Rebecca!

Pike Place Market is a popular tourist spot I visited about 10 years ago during a trip to Washington state. I loved the Puget Sound islands. Many of the towns like Port Townsend were very old-world English, I thought. The scenery is fantastic everywhere in the bay. No, it didn't rain everyday, although quite often!

Pike Place Market, a public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle, opened August 17, 1907, and is one of the oldest continually operated public farmers' markets in the US.

I drank a lot of coffee while in Seattle and the surroundings. Seattle is supposedly Coffee Central in the USA and some say latte was born there in the 1970s. I had a lot of Seattle's Best Coffee, which was what my hotel served. It has a longer history than the better known, ubiquitous Starbucks, which in fact bought over Seattle's Best in 2003.

Another supposed Seattle invention: latte art, all that cute stuff that's done to the foam that tops the espresso. The makings of it:

etching latte art [wikipedia]

Have one on me...
latte art photo [wikipedia]

or make one yourself...
Here's a cute video on latte art. Live and learn! Source for Products that Make Your Life Easier! Buy 2 books and get our featured book FREE on a Friday!

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Lynn said...

I so want to do this post card thing, but I have to wait until I can figure out the time to do it. Both my daughters have been barrista's and they were pretty creative with the latte art. Video is pretty awesome.

liberal sprinkles said...

Lynn, it doesn't take much time! You can send only 5 postcards at any time to start and then you wait til they get to their destinations before you can get a postcard sent to you from another Postcrosser. You can also do it at your own speed. I've been a Postcrossing member for about a month but I've only sent about 10 cards so far. I wait a while between cards as I haven't found a good postcard stockist I like and sometimes I try and make an easy card myself. Try it!
I'd love to see photos of your daughters' latte art if you have any!

Lynn said...

Hi Grace,
Thanks for the encouragement. I'll try and find the original post as to how to go about doing this. This will give me a good excuse to get out today (pick up some post cards). I have no idea why I'm so hesitant as this seems like something I'd love to do. And unfortunately I have no latte art of my daughters' - I usually don't have a camera when I'm sucking down a latte!

Lynn said...

Okay Grace, I just signed up - so now what do I do? Do I wait until I get something from that site?

Wanda Metcalf said...

Memorizing... every one! loved watching the video. Now I want a trip to the Starbucks =0)

Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a sweet note for me. I like both of your blogs!!

liberal sprinkles said...

yay Lynn! Now you send some postcards! You can send up to 5 (just click on the "send" tag on the left and you'll get a random Postcrosser's address). Then you have to wait until the cards get to the recipients. Once they register the cards at the Postcrossing site after receiving them, you'll be able to receive a card from another Postcrosser, who will get you address randomly as well. You can also opt for direct swaps if you like.

I need to do a how-to page here!

liberal sprinkles said...

Wanda, thank you!